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If you are searching for experts to do deck sanding, Brisbane-based JML Flooring are the specialists to contact.  Backed by a decade of experience in reviving old, weathered decks, you will find our approach and expertise second to none.  And you will be rewarded with a beautifully renewed deck with a long-lasting finish which will add value to your home or business premises and which you can enjoy for many, many years to come.

Advantages of Sanding Your Deck

An old, worn down timber deck floor can make an otherwise pleasant outdoor space much less desirable to spend time in.  Especially if you are entertaining guests.  Weathered, unevenly coloured, faded timber deck flooring can detract from even the nicest outdoor furniture.  And if your timber decking is weathered, it is likely to produce splinters, which can become a hazard to you, your family and friends, and even your cats and dogs.

Deck sanding is also an ideal way of removing previously applied, unevenly faded coating on your deck.  This makes way for a clean new, even surface that is perfectly primed to receive new coats of sealant and varnish to produce a fresh new look that you may not have thought possible.   You will be surprised at how revitalised your tired old deck can turn out.


Using Experts to Sand Your Deck

You can save yourself the time and hassle of hiring specialist equipment, managing the intricacies of prepping the deck, including managing hard-worn and weathered areas and removing worn nails, sandpapering specific areas, and ensuring that the finished result remains smooth and even rather than lumpy.  By engaging JML Flooring, you keep your weekends to relax and unwind from your week, while we get to work to bring you a guaranteed great result.

Our processes are thorough, and ensure you will be left with a result that will last for a long time to come.

After we have sanded you deck, you can choose to then apply sealants and other types of coating yourself, or have us do this too.

If you engage our services to also paint sealants and varnish coats to your newly sanded deck, please note that it is important that, in between applying the coatings, that nobody walks on the deck.  So you may need to block entrances for pets and young children while the coatings are allowed to fully dry, limiting any contaminants.  The deck must be allowed to dry completely in between us applying coatings.

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